• Weed-opoly

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  • Description

    Game System: Weed-opoly

    Game Type: Complete Game

    Character Family: Weed-opoly

    Ages: 21 years and above

    Players: 3-6 players

    Average Play Time: 30-40 minutes

    Brand: Play All Day Games

    Model Number: 116

    UPC: 035756001162



    Weed-Opoly - the board game where you tractor through the marijuana farm and try to reach "End at Stoned" first. Succeed and you become the Head Weedopolist. Player's will try to slow you down with "Take-a-Hit" cards but with a few baggies of luck and the ability to answer category questions like "Name at least 5 slang words for Marijuana." Or successfully perform tongue twisters like "Scintillating sativas stuck to Susie's socks," without mistakes and you may become the Head Weedopolist. Game includes colorful four fold board, two decks of cards, custom die and 6 pawns


  • Weed-opoly
  • Weed-opoly

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