• The Rich and The Good: Hab & Gut

    Ares Games

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  • Description

    Game System: The Rich and The Good: Hab & Gut

    Game Type: Complete Game

    Character Family: The Rich and The Good: Hab & Gut

    Ages: 13 years and above

    Players: 2-5 players

    Average Play Time: 45+ minutes

    Brand: Ares Games

    Model Number: AREU005

    UPC: 8054181515213


    Item Condition Notes: New


    The Rich and the Good is the new edition of Carlo Rossi's cult classic Hab & Gut with a completely new graphic design, still featurning Michael Menzel's great art, and a new 2-players game mode. In the game, you trade in commodities from all over the world, and you have access to inside information to aid your investments and manipulate the markets. You are not alone in doing this, though. Your competitors also have a deep knowledge of the markets, and will be able to react to every one of your moves, while at the same time trading in the same precious commodities you have interests in. You must outwit and outsmart them! However, personal wealth is not all it takes to rise to the top and become a powerful member of High Society.


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