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    In the two player game KAPOW! you and your adversary go head to head in a classic comic book-inspired clash of Good vs. Evil.

    KAPOW! uses buildable dice, allowing you to add/remove dice faces during the course of a battle. With each roll, you decide how to attack, defend, and power up your character by choosing where to place your dice. The battles get more explosive with each roll and as you gain more dice and dice faces.

    KAPOW! is simple to learn (roll and place), but has layers of strategy as you customize your dice pool and leverage the unique powers of the KAPOW!

    2 players
    Ages 13+
    20-30 minute play time

    2 Player boards
    20 Custom dice
    6 Buildable dice & 72 Buildable dice faces
    2 Quick reference screens
    Health tracker
    First player token
    3 Heroes & 3 Villains

  • KAPOW!
  • KAPOW!

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