• Final Girl: Series 2 - Madness in the Dark Expansion

    Van Ryder Games

  • $21.00

  • Description

    Game System: Final Girl

    Game Type: Expansion

    Character Family: Final Girl

    Ages: 14 years and above

    Players: 1 player

    Average Play Time: 20-60 minutes

    Brand: Van Ryder Games

    Model Number: FG010

    UPC: 850024976184


    Item Condition Notes: New


    No matter where you go in Wolfe Asylum, noises and voices always seem to echo. It is particularly frightening when one of the residents cackles or a group of them cheer during a game of them cheer during a game of bingo in the common room. Those noises are nothing, however, compared to the blood-curdling shrieks of terror generated by the evil brand of medical "care" the Rachet Lady is giving the asylum's residents and staff. What do you do when the maniacs come? The Ratchet Lady is in a mood. She's performing her own brand of therapy on the victims, turning them into bloodthirsty maniacs. You'll have to decide if you want to try to calm them down or kill them before they can kill you. But the only way to really stop them will be to put down the Ratchet Lady herself. Requires Core Box (VRG FG000) to play.


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