• Doodle Dungeon

    Pegasus Spiele

  • $29.95 $29.99

  • Description

    Game System: Doodle Dungeon

    Game Type: Complete Game

    Character Family: Doodle Dungeon

    Ages: 10 years and above

    Players: 2-4 players

    Average Play Time: 45-60 minutes

    Brand: Pegasus Spiele

    Model Number: 51846E

    UPC: 4250231724213


    A dream comes true; players have acquired their own dungeon! Today they visited it for the first time and found a gigantic cave! Hold on a second, the cave is empty! Wheres the dungeon? There arent any maze-like walls, no sneaky traps, and above all, no hero-slashing monsters! Doodle Dungeon combines the rewarding elements of creating and then defending ones own dungeon, and mixes it with engaging draft-&-draw gameplay.




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