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    Game System: Djinn

    Game Type: Complete Game

    Character Family: Djinn

    Ages: 12 years and above

    Players: 1-4 players

    Average Play Time: 60-90 minutes

    Brand: Pegasus Spiele

    Model Number: PNA55143E

    UPC: 4250231737268


    Item Condition Notes: New


    Once your ancestors found or created a source of magic - the exact knowledge of its origin, as far as you know, has long been lost. A small community has developed around the source, which seeks to protect this place and keep it as secret as possible.

    Unfortunately, some magical beings - half corporeal, half ethereal - have now tracked down this source. These beings of dubious character, which you call "Djinn", have appeared in various places of the city to dispute your access to the source. You are young members of the Magic Guild, and to prove your abilities, you are tasked with capturing the Djinn so that they can do no harm. You can control them permanently only if you catch them in special Djinn bottles. To seal these bottles, you also need corks made from the bark of a tree near the magic source.

    Whichever of you succeeds best in protecting your small town will be accepted into the inner circle of the Magic Guild and will soon be allowed to learn even more secrets...

    In Djinn, you take turns moving across a map that shows thirteen locations. These locations are linked to actions where you can get the resources you need and catch the Djinn that are in six locations. In those locations you can do things like receive bottles and corks, collect magical power, buy magical items, hire mages to accompany you, discover secret passages, and more.

    In each round, you can reach only one of two or three of the locations, so you must plan carefully to have all the resources you need in time to catch the Djinn. The game ends when all six "Boss Djinn" have been captured and removed from the map, then you score points for all captured Djinn.

    Ages 12+
    1-4 players
    60-90 minute play time

    1 Game Board
    1 Market Tile
    46 Coins
    40 Bottles
    46 Scrolls
    18 Treasure Chests
    12 Action Spaces
    1 Trophy Board
    21 Trophies
    20 Character Tiles
    8 Spell Circles
    1 Spell Circle Cover
    4 Roof Tiles
    4 Archive Markers
    30 Corks
    12 Keys
    36 Djinn
    12 Boss Djinn
    27 Equipment Cards
    23 Mage Cards
    10 Scoring Cards
    15 Cards for Solo Play
    2 Overview Cards
    4 Players Aids
    4 Player Boards
    4 Mages
    4 Assistants
    4 Magic Markers
    4 Capacity Markers
    4 Base Markers
    24 Secret Passages
    1 Cloth Bag
    1 Rule Book


  • Djinn
  • Djinn

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