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    Brand: Z-Man Games

    Model Number: ZMG70860


    ZMG7086 Battle Beyond Space by Z-Man Games

    Far beyond the bounds of the Solar System, a signal is launched that penetrates warp space. The signal is old the only known working piece of technology from an ancient race.

    Four different fleets answer the siren╞s call, intent on claiming the Artifact for themselves at all costs. The destination: a lone asteroid ringed by failed ancient satellites in the middle of a lifeless asteroid field.

    1 Board (with hexes for 3 - 4 players)
    8 Capital Ships (2 per player)
    1 Rulebook 17 Asteroid Markers
    36 Movement Cards (9 for each player)
    7 Sensor Probe Markers
    12 Special Power Cards (3 for each player)
    5 Capital Ship Damage Markers
    72 Fighters (12 squadrons of 6 ships each)
    2 Elite Fighter Markers
    4 Shield Markers
    2 Elite Fighter Damage Markers

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