• Stonespine Architects

    Thunderworks Games

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  • Description

    Game System: Stonespine Architects

    Game Type: Complete Game

    Character Family: Stonespine Architects

    Ages: 10+ years

    Players: 1-5 players

    Average Play Time: 45-60 minutes

    Brand: Thunderworks Games

    Model Number: TWK4100

    UPC: 196852656066


    Item Condition Notes: New


    Stonespine Architects is a card-drafting game for 1-5 players where you compete to construct the most dangerous labyrinth.

    Players simultaneously draft and play cards to expand their dungeons, one chamber at a time. Follow a unique blueprint and a variety of scoring challenges. Choose between mapping a path through your underground tunnels, placing key elements in your rooms, or searching for extra riches.

    Spend gold between rounds to customize your labyrinth with monsters, traps, treasures, and secret passages. At the end of four years, the player with the most treacherous dungeon will earn the title of Master Architect!

    Ages 10+
    1-5 players
    45-60 minute play time


  • Stonespine Architects
  • Stonespine Architects

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